We are SO full of gratitude! Here you see SNAP?s Philanthropy Manager, Mariah, in front of Alpine Deli (and responsibly wearing a mask) collecting the 33 meals the community donated to go to 33 of our affordable housing units. Amazing!

Spokane, you always pull through!

Round 2: Cuisine for Clients benefiting Alpine Deli was a huge success. Your donations were able to purchase 33 meals for SNAP‘s affordable housing residents.

Double your impact: Text YUMMY to 91999!

#neighborsbyyourside #covidcantstopGOOD

Next up is SweetBox Delivery. More on this amazing owner tomorrow! But if you want to get the call rolling, you can donate by texting YUMMY to 91999.

Round 3 is with SweetBox Delivery, an amazing company that founded the STUFFED BAGEL. This gracious owner was generous enough to offer to match every donation. So buying ONE meal actually ends up buying TWO meals.

Best yet- the owner of Sweetbox is MATCHING every donation that comes in!