Glucose Revival logoKris Maynard, founder of Glucose Revival

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has designated the first week of November as National Small Business Veterans Week, a time to honor the strength and resilience of the #VetBiz community by celebrating the accomplishments of veterans who have become entrepreneurs. The Women’s Business Center at SNAP Financial Access is honored to work alongside several of these remarkable individuals, and this week we are excited to share their stories.

Kris Maynard has lived with Type 1 Diabetes for nearly 20 years. This has not stopped him from living an active lifestyle full of travel and triathlons, but his original diagnosis brought an early end to his tenure in the Air Force. In his own words, “I served with some of the finest people in the United States Air Force, and did 2 tours in Bahrain. For me, the military is what changes a person from being a kid to becoming an adult. I loved my time as an Airman, but that career was cut short when I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.”

Following his military service, Kris became a firefighter/EMT but a low blood sugar reaction led to a two year gap in his career. These struggles led Kris to establish Glucose Revival, a company devoted to helping people with a diabetes diagnosis thrive in all areas of life. Glucose Revival’s signature product, the Thrive necklace, is an innovative device that combines the functionality of traditional medic alert jewelry with a consumable portion of medical-grade glucose syrup. This gives any diabetes patient in danger of a low blood sugar reaction access to the support they need exactly when they need it.

When Kris learned about SNAP Financial Access in 2019 through our friends at Startup Spokane, we were able to help Kris keep the equity in his company and expand its mission to improve quality of life for millions. Today, Kris is persistent in his mission to help other diabetes patients live an active lifestyle because while medical science has developed many diabetes support options, none can address low blood sugar as directly as Thrive.

For more information on Kris and Glucose Revival’s exciting products visit glucoserevival.com and learn more about their upcoming event for Diabetes Awareness Month here.