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Our HUD-certified housing counselors are available to discuss options if you are behind on your mortgage or facing foreclosure.

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Struggling to Make Your Mortgage Payment?

 Are you behind, or at risk of becoming behind on your mortgage payments? Have your expenses increased due to medical bills, divorce, or an increase in your mortgage interest rate? Maybe you’re trying to get by with less because your hours were cut or your business is struggling. If this sounds like your situation, it’s important to be proactive! Don’t ignore the problem. Get on the right path to real help and real answers – right now.

Mortgage Default Counseling

We help homeowners determine what options may be available to remedy default and avoid foreclosure. Our counselors work with homeowners and their mortgage companies to determine an affordable solution in order to resolve delinquency or default. They explore alternatives not offered by your mortgage company and provide information and referrals to other resources.

Foreclosure Prevention Loan Program

Applicants must have exhausted all other forms of assistance for retaining their home, including but not limited to refinance and loan modification.

Foreclosure Prevention Loan Qualifications

Property must be occupied by the owner, and the home must be their primary residence. SNAP must hold a first lien position. Loan amount must be at least $3,000. Loan requires equity in the property; loan amount shall not exceed 80% of property value. Credit history review is required. Applicants must have the ability to repay the loan.

Our service area extends well beyond Spokane County throughout Central and Eastern Washington. All income levels may broadly be served by our counselors with free unbiased counseling.

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Change your payment amount

  • Refinancing your mortgage to extend the repayment period and/or reduce the interest rate to lower your monthly payments.
  • Modification of your current mortgage to make your payments more affordable.
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Use your home

  • Surrendering your deed to us voluntarily.
  • Selling your home to repay your mortgage in full. If your home’s value is less than your outstanding loan balance, we may be willing to accept the amount of your home sale as full payment. This is known as a short sale.
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Ask for more time

  • A special forbearance from SNAP Financial Access based on your current

If you’re finding that you’re unable to make your mortgage payments and are looking for ways to keep your home or avoid foreclosure, give us the chance to help.

Call one of our home ownership counselors at   (509) 319-3040 before it’s too late.

Please be sure to have the following documents ready to help us evaluate your eligibility:
  • Two most recent pay stubs (or other proof of income, such as SSI payments or retirement income).
  • Two most recent statements from all bank or credit union accounts.
  • Most recent tax return and all supporting documentation.
  • Hardship letter explaining why you are unable to make your payments.
  • A list of your monthly expenses.
  • We may require additional documentation of your expenses.
  • We may require additional information to properly evaluate your qualifications for these programs.

SNAP has a dedicated team of HUD certified Housing Counselors with decades of experience. Our Housing Counseling team supports neighbors in need with free counseling and expert services to help them face financial hardship and stay in their homes. Every year we help nearly 300 families stay safely housed, and we assisted far
more than usual during the pandemic era as its unprecedented economic fallout has put countless families in situations they would have never imagined.

Certified housing counseling agency information and resources
  • Washington State Department of Financial Institutions Foreclosure Hotline: 877.894.HOME (4663) or visit their website.
  • US Department of Housing and Urban Development: 800.569.4287 or visit their website.

Servicemembers Civil Relief Act

The above information is posted in accordance with RCW 61.24.031(5)(e)

"It was such a relief when I didn't have to fight everyday to keep my home."

The hardships seemed to keep on coming! First, I started having health issues, then I lost my job, and the tragic loss of my two daughters, leaving me to care for their children. The mortgage company didn’t care what I was going through, they wanted me to pay when I couldn’t, so I almost lost my home. Thankfully, I got a counselor from the SNAP Homeowner Assistance program, and learned I could use my disability payments as income to get approved for a foreclosure prevention loan. It was such a relief when I didn’t have to fight everyday to keep my home.

~ Kelley, Spokane homeowner

"I got behind on property taxes that reached $11,000!"

I ran into health problems. Surgery after surgery, and then a heart attack where I had to be shocked back to life. After those rough years I got behind on property taxes – they reached $11,000! The housing counselors at SNAP were able to get the amount reduced to a more manigable $4000 and gave me a loan payment I could afford.

~ Shelly, Spokane County homeowner

"I had three rooms to rent out for income, but was advised not to because of coronavirus."

I had three rooms ready to rent out for income, but was advised not to because my medical issues made me to vulnerable to the coronavirus.  I was falling farther and farther behind on my house payments. But SNAP helped negotiate a lower amount and set me up with a payment plan I could afford.

~ Shelly, Spokane County homeowner