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Struggling to make your mortgage payments due to Covid-19? Special programs are available.

Home Ownership

Get ready to buy your first home! We are here to help.

Home Loans

Get the loan you need for home ownership.

Prevent Foreclosure

Helpful programs for when times are tough.

We Promote and Sustain Home Ownership

SNAP Financial Access is your local non-profit neighborhood partner. Our experienced staff will help you explore the financial options that are best for you whether you currently own one or would like to buy a home.

Foreclosure Prevention


Struggling to Make Your Mortgage Payment?

Have your expenses increased due to medical bills, divorce, or an increase in your mortgage interest rate. Maybe you’re trying to get by with less because your hours were cut or your business is struggling. If this sounds like your situation, it’s important to be proactive! Get on the right path to real help and real answers – right now.

Mortgage Default Counseling

Helps homeowners determine what options may be available to remedy default and avoid foreclosure. Counselors assist households by arranging repayment plans with their lender and by providing information and referral to other resources.

Foreclosure Prevention Loan Program

Applicants must have exhausted all other forms of assistance for retaining their home, including but not limited to refinance and loan modification.

Foreclosure Prevention Loan Qualifications

Property must be occupied by the owner, and the home must be their primary residence. Qualified applicants. SNAP must hold a first lien position. Loan amount must be at least $3,000. Loan requires equity in the property; loan amount shall not exceed 80% of property value. Credit history review is required.?Applicants must have the ability to repay the loan.

Home Ownership


Counseling and classes are free of charge and open to everyone.

The goal of the Housing Counseling Program is to promote and sustain home ownership for low-income persons. The SNAP Housing Counseling Program has been approved by HUD since 1988 to assist households with the challenges of buying and keeping a home.

Sign Up for a Home Ownership Workshop

Want to sign up for a Home Buyer Education Seminar? Send a request to Galina and she will help you get signed for the new workshop!

    What date would you like to start the seminar? (They run 3 consecutive nights - check the calendar for upcoming schedule.)

    Leave any relevant details below:

    Counselor Meeting Request

    If you’ve completed the Home Buyer Education class, and you want to make an appointment with a counselor. Submit this form, and we will reply to schedule a meeting.

      When and where did you take your home buyer class?

      Questions or comments?

      Check for Upcoming Classes

      Pre-Purchase Counseling and Education

      This program helps households identify and overcome barriers to home ownership. Counselors provide information about a variety of special loan programs. Home Buyer Education classes are also available.

      Down Payment Assistance Loan Program

      Pre-Purchase Counseling and Homebuyer’s Education Seminars will discuss a number of down payment assistance programs that are available to home buyers and identify how much you may be eligible for (subject to mortgage loan program criteria and specific income restrictions).

      We’ll Be There Every Step of the Way

      SNAP Financial Access will give you the knowledge and training you need so you can move into your new home soon.


      Take a home buyer education class

      HUD certified housing counselor and classes are free of charge to everyone.



      Meet with a counselor

      After you have taken home buyer education class you can meet with a counselor.



      Apply for your home loan

      Once we obtain your home loan forms, your application is one its way.



      Move into your new home

      Meet closing conditions and receive your keys!


      Home Loans


      Why Should You Consider Home Mortgage Loan Support from SNAP?

      In cooperation with our Housing Counseling Program, SNAP Financial Access can help prepare you for home mortgage loans.

      Our home mortgage loan program is specifically designed to help low to moderate income homeowners with home mortgage loans focusing on improving their financial situation.

      Contact a Loan Specialist

        Less than $100K$100K - $200K$200K - $300K$300K - $400KMore than $400KOther: Details below

        • We will connect you with a highly qualified counselor and explore the options that are best for you.
        • If you are considering debt consolidation or planning home renovations, come talk to us and see what options are available to you.
        • Protect yourself from rising interest rates. Predictable monthly payments that stay the same for the selected term.
        • We offer comprehensive financial services alongside mortgage loan preparation.

        SNAP Housing Program HUD approved