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If you or anyone you know are struggling
to pay their mortgage due to COVID-19,
SNAP Financial Access can help.
You may even qualify for up to
six months of payments with
no obligation to repay.


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County Mortgage Payment Assistance

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Recovering Together

Everyone in the world has experienced varying degrees of hardship and loss from the COVID-19 pandemic. The recovery process is gaining momentum, but things are still far from normal. Temporary moratoriums on payments and home foreclosure have provided short-term relief to the millions of families falling behind on their mortgage, but those programs will soon come to a close.

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Hope for your Home

SNAP Financial Access exists to provide families throughout Spokane County with affordable practical solutions to economic challenges. We always specialize in emergency housing cost relief and foreclosure prevention & mediation, but right now we also have access to a government grant that can completely forgive up to six months of mortgage payments for homeowners experiencing COVID-19 related hardship.

Which SFA Program is Right For You?

We can provide or connect you with a wide variety of mortgage relief programs depending on factors such as household income and the physical location of your home. For example, the COVID-19 relief grant mentioned above requires applicants to reside in Spokane County but outside the City of Spokane and have a Household Gross Income (HGI) no higher than the totals seen here:

HGI Limits
Household Size Monthly Income Cap
1 $3,613.00
2 $4,129.00
3 $4,646.00
4 $5,158.00
5 $5,575.00
6 $5,988.00
7 $6,400.00
8 $6,813.00


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Washington State and Federal fair housing and lending regulations apply. SNAP Financial Access promotes the financial health of our local economy by supporting small businesses and residents through coaching, education, and loan programs. We do business in accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Law and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act. SNAP charges fees for some services to those who can afford to pay. If a participant is required to pay a fee and feels that paying the fee will create a financial hardship, they may request a hardship waiver. ESL translation options are available.

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