Free Webinar 6/22 - Learn How to Pitch Your Business Idea to Investors - SNAP Financial Access

StartUp Spokane and the Spokane Public Library have created a new series called Jumpstart! The goal of this series is to feature our own local entrepreneurs who will share tips, tricks and stories about how to become and stay successful. This Tuesday (6/22/21) you have a unique opportunity to learn the fundamentals of pitching a business idea from Ignite Northwest CEO Tom Simpson, one of the Northwest’s most prominent and successful venture capitalist angel investors.

Whether you are a startup, founder, business owner or corporate entrepreneur, your pitch is key! It captures your rationale for why people should invest in your idea and give you money. But for every venture capitalist or angel investor out there, there is a different opinion on exactly how to approach the investor.

Jumpstart – How to Pitch with Ignite Northwest
Tuesday June 22, 2021 Noon – 1:00 PM PST—How-to-Pitch-with-Ignite-Northwest-3113/details