On Demand Wave Accounting

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When is it? Always available as an “on-demand” workshop! Learn at your own pace.

How long is the workshop? The videos total about 1 hour in all, but we assume that you’ll likely want to watch the videos twice to absorb the information. So account for about 2 hours in total.

What is it? Want to sharpen your accounting knowledge? Every entrepreneur should have a basic understanding of accounting and with this workshop, you will learn just that!

Wave Accounting is a popular accounting software used widely by small business owners. In the following series of video workshops, you will learn from Cathy DeHart about how to use the Wave for your small business.

The Wave system can help you improve the quality of your finances and help reduce the burden of business accounting! The software has multiple features that allow it to integrate with other programs so you can learn how to create a more efficient bookkeeping process for your business.

As you go through and complete these six videos, we have enabled the discussion forum so that you can easily ask questions that we can monitor and send over to the instructor. This will help you get more information out of these videos and help you progress your learning.

This is an on-demand workshop, so you can take it whenever you like! You will need to make sure to check your emails and ensure that you have created an account with our e-learning platform. Through “Access”, our e-learning platform, you will be able to watch the videos and use the discussion forum to ask questions that will be reviewed by us and answers will be provided by the workshop leader.

If you are using our online learning platform for the first time, you will be prompted to enter basic information prior to registering for your course. Please watch out for an email from the address “system@litmos.com” this will be the final email needed to complete your account and start the workshop.

You will have three months of access to the workshop starting from the time you purchase the workshop. This three month period will allow you to take the course multiple times, and continue to access the discussion forum during this time. If you would like to extend the time, please speak with a WBC staff member. Nicolle Hansen (hansen@snapwa.org) or Harry Birak (birak@snapwa.org)

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