Starting a successful business takes a lot of planning and training.

Krystal and Jared came to SNAP Financial Access in 2019 to attend Women’s Business Center workshops to grow their entrepreneurial dream. Both entrepreneurs had previously struggled with weight gain from raising children and leading a mostly sedentary lifestyle. Eventually, they each found their passions in fitness, though they were still intimidated by the traditional gym atmosphere. This led to their desire to open a fitness center with a fun atmosphere that encourages people of all fitness levels to attend classes.

By attending Get Started, Krystal and Jared learned how to write a business plan, conduct market research, develop a cash flow projection in order to become viable to lenders. They were resilient with their dream of opening a fitness center, and proceeded to utilize roughly 20 hours of technical assistance and training through SNAP Financial Access. Other workshops that they have taken include Dreambuilder (business planning workshop), Wave Accounting, Advanced Digital Marketing, and Credit Building with SNAP Financial Counselor Jay MacPherson.

Krystal and Jared were approved for a loan for $15,000, and with this financing, they opened the now-popular Spin City, located on North Monroe near downtown.

Spin City LogoSpin City is truly a dream fulfilled for Krystal and Jared.

Somewhat modeled after the wildly popular “Soulcycle” craze, Spin City invites clients into spinning classes set in a dark room with black lights, blaring music, and an abundance of energy from the founding instructors. The name Spin City is in homage to the movie Sin City, and is a central motif of the business, along with unique murals from local artists and a color scheme that mirrors the film’s aesthetic.

Since the cycle center opened in June 2019, Krystal and Jared have created an abundance of job opportunities with seven PTE on staff. After just six months in operation, Spin City was successful enough to expand to a second location near the intersection of Mission and Ruby. This new location intends to expand Spin City’s current reach and demographics by offering a yoga studio.

“Through community and friendship building, we are helping you achieve your goals in a healthy positive way, in a great atmosphere.?”

This is Spin City’s mission.

This business started at SNAP Financial Access as a community investment. In short succession, it has grown into a popular community staple that not only offers employment opportunity, but in staying true to its mission, challenges people from all walks of life to achieve their fitness goals.

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