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100% Home Loan Financing

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If you don’t have enough money for a down payment, or your credit is poor, you could still get a home loan from SNAP Financial Access.


Take a home buyer education class

HUD certified housing counselor and classes are free of charge to everyone.



Meet with a counselor

After you have taken home buyer education class you can meet with a counselor.



Apply for your home loan

We help with your down-payment and home loan application forms.



Move into your new home

Meet closing conditions and receive your keys!


Counseling and classes are free of charge and open to everyone.

Home Buyer Education is a required part of the 100% Financing program. You must complete a series of three sessions to prepare for your mortgage loan prior to taking next steps. Each session lasts for two hours. They are offered in the evenings on Zoom. Visit the Calendar to signup for upcoming classes.

First-time home buyer details

This mortgage program was designed to help people purchase their primary residence, especially if you tried but were turned down for a mortgage loan. It is not meant for home flippers, rental investors, or multiple home buyers. So if this is not your first mortgage but you have extenuating circumstances like divorce or financial situations that caused you to leave your first home, we will still consider you for this program without requiring a cash down payment or minimum credit score.

Pre-Purchase Counseling

Once you’ve completed the Home Buyer Education Seminars, you will be teamed up with a Home Ownership Counselor who will assist you through your mortgage application journey. We’ll be there every step of the way.

Down-Payment Assistance Program

No down payment, no problem. This loan program is 100% funded, so it doesn’t require a down payment at all! The only costs the home buyer will be responsible for are closing and reserves, and that is it!

No Minimum Credit Score

Often it is a low credit score that keeps people from getting a home loan, but this program does not have a minimum credit score requirement.

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Fill out the short questionnaire to determine if this 100% Home Loan Financing program is a good fit for you.

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We will consider financing people with extenuating circumstances; like divorce, or financial situations that caused you to leave your first home. Please describe in the comment box below.
You can view the upcoming Home Buyer Class schedule by clicking the calendar link in the main menu. Classes are held in the evenings online using Zoom. Each class consists of three sessions that are two hours long.
Your best estimate is fine. Remember we will go over this in more detail later.
If you have been trying to get a home loan and been denied, it will help us to know why and when.

Washington State and Federal fair housing and lending regulations apply. SNAP Financial Access promotes the financial health of our local economy by supporting small businesses and residents through coaching, education, and loan programs. We do business in accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Law and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act. SNAP charges fees for some services to those who can afford to pay. If a participant is required to pay a fee and feels that paying the fee will create a financial hardship, they may request a hardship waiver. ESL translation options are available.

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